About us

Welcome to Blueberry Lake Studios, an independent publisher of books and comics as well as a production company for media arts. Our team is passionate about innovative new media, including art, music, books, comics, vinyl, field recordings, public art, digital art, animation, film, and digital storytelling.

At Blueberry Lake Studios, we strive to create a space where creators can bring their ambitious ideas to life. Our focus is on producing high-quality media arts. We believe that great art and storytelling can inspire, challenge, and entertain, and we are dedicated to supporting the artists and writers who share this belief.

As an independent publisher, we are proud to provide a platform for new and emerging voices in the world of literature and comics. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and we are committed to amplifying diverse voices and perspectives. 

Book Launch Event for Salmon Run

Saturday April 13, 7pm